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Welcome to the official website of the character paper bag printing factory, specializing in paper bag printing, paper bag wholesale, paper bag custom service! Favorites| Company Profile| Corporate Environment
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Handbag printing
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Shopping Paper Bag Printing
Portable Gift Shopping Paper Bag Green Shopping Paper Bag Apparel Shopping Paper Bag Universal Shopping Paper Bag Square bottom shopping paper bag
Food Paper Bag Printing
Flat food paper bag Triangular food paper bag Color food paper bag Environmental Food Paper Bag
Archive paper bag printing
Data Archive Paper Bag Document Archive Paper Bag
Courier paper bag printing
Yuantong Express Paper Bag SF Express Paper Bag Foreign Trade Express Paper Bag

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01The average daily output is up to 100,000
Let delivery be a problem
Characteristic printing production site covering 5,000 square meters
18 automatic automatic production lines at home and abroad
The structural R\u0026D team consists of 10 undergraduate degrees or above
50 people who have been cooked for more than 10 years, and 100 people who have been skilled for more than 5 years
The average daily output is up to 100,000!
02 own quality control department, 18 control processes
Guaranteed shipment quality

Paper bag printing is smooth, no blistering and scratching

No graying at the corners, no blasting, cracking

The parts are positioned accurately and firmly adheredThe surface is clean and free of stains

The edging is smooth, no wrinkles, hanging, and the finished product has no odor and mildew.

03 complete range, can be customized wholesale
The same quality and price is the best
A quality product that can be accurately priced according to your size, structure and materials.
Problems in production can be effectively solved in the first time, in order to improve production efficiency, quality, reduce production loss, cost
04German equipment, colorful
Beautiful packaging and printing, no deterioration, better quality
More than 18 kinds of advanced production equipments such as Heidelberg 4-color printing machine, paper cutter, beer machine, bronzing beer machine, etc.
05Strong after-sales support
Fast shipping takes only 7 days
has an independent after-sales team
Unsatisfactory quality, gives you the solution or unconditional return in the first time
Logistics costs due to quality problems are borne by our company, giving you zero risk
National Service Hotline 400-018-8728

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Professional paper bag printing, custom made paper bags, wholesale manufacturers of paper bagsmore

paper bag wholesale
Changsha City, Hunan Province, Character Paper Printing Co., Ltd.

YST PACKAGING, Changsha City, Hunan Province, is a portable paper bag, shopping paper bag, food paper bag and other paper bag printing, made paper bags, < Strong>paper bag wholesale in one integrated brand paper bag printing manufacturer, Hunan Province postal product printing unit. The character paper bag is ingenious and has been dedicated to making every print for customers for more than 10 years. MORE+

Design Team

customized to paper bags
The company"s R\u0026D team has first-class production technology, highly cooperative R\u0026D, design and production team, bravely develop, dare to innovate, and strive to make our products integrate print, packaging and viewing, with gifts, furnishings, displays, etc. value. To this end, we will do our utmost to provide you with paper bag printing, paper bag customization, paper bag wholesale and other integrated services!
paper bag wholesale400- 018-8728

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See this paper bag packaging you still
Seeing such a paper bag packaging, you still don"t want to buy it

There are more paper bags, but have you seen such a creative idea Designers have designed or used practical or fun paper bags based on the purpose and use of the paper bags. This will not only enhance the brand"s own image, but also increase the number of people who are carrying paper bags to the streets.


What is the price of a portable paper bag
The price of a paper bag depends on the size, material, quantity, surface finish, handle, etc. of the paper bag. The most common materials are white cardboard, coated paper, etc. The price of white cardboard and coated paper bags is usually around 1.50-3.00 yuan, if
What does p mean in printing
The book has the difference between front and back. The front side is a single side, and the reverse side is actually a single side. P is in printing, which is how many pages are needed in design. One single side is 1P, which means that P stands for single side. For example: 8 pages designed
What are the production processes for portable paper bags
Hand-held paper bags are generally used in the packaging of various fields. Currently, the hand-held paper bags on the market can be divided into two categories, one is a very popular ordinary paper bag, generally adopts the technology of rotary printing, and automatically Production, materials are generally

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